Most of us have weird little things that we do in the privacy of our homes when we think that no one is watching, and it turns out that the POTUS is just like us...except way more powerful and wears nice suits and lives in a mansion and makes a real difference in the world with his job. 

Yeah that sentence got a bit weird and bleak towards the end, but hey, it's Friday, cheer up and watch Obama do things that everyone does but no one admits to, courtesy of the folks at BuzzFeed. 

They got the chance to film a segment with Barack himself in an effort to help promote the website, and encourage Americans to sign up for the initiative. However, instead of making a piece of him just talking at you and saying why you should sign up, they got him to do stuff like use a selfie stick, draw a little cartoon of Michelle (aka FLOTUS) and eat cookies and milk. Just click on the image below to start playing the video. 


Via BuzzFeed