This is the kind of cloning we'd approve of.

We're lucky we have a brief reprieve from the sun today because if it was as hot as it has been recently, we're pretty sure this would push us over the edge. Becks appears again and again and again in this new ad for Sky Sports and their mobile something or other. Honestly we weren't paying attention, we were just blinded by the many many Beckhams on our screen. DB has almost become more present in the media since his official retirement from football this year, signing on as an ambassador to what feels like everything (not that we're complaining). Not going to lie, we've watched this about eight times already.

Meanwhile Becks made a surprise appearance at a school that had won a sports project that aims to improve children's lives when he got quizzed about his own babies as well as the imminent arrival of one royal baby, who he was asked to give advice to in the strangest and most obvious shoehorning Q & A ever. We didn't and don't think that the Beckhams and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are that close but who knows, maybe they're all in the Stonecutters together. 

And as for names? Well, David is a great name.