We're also very much here for hearing Kit Harrington say 'darling' repeatedly.

Nicole Kidman and Kit Harrington were James Corden's first guests on his week-long London edition of 'The Late Late Show' this week and Harrington quickly found himself in dangerous territory after talking about how he's recently moved in with girlfriend and 'Game of Thrones' alum Rose Leslie.

If you're the kind of person that enjoys watching a man sweat under trying to graciously dodge a question where every answer will end him in trouble, this is for you.

And is it just us or has Kit Harrington suddenly gotten incredibly posh? We suppose that just comes with the territory when you live with the most noble Rose Eleanor Arbuthnot-Leslie.

Harrington also revealed that he's friends with Ed Sheeran (no one's perfect we suppose) and that the pair met and became friends after Sheeran looked at Harrington's penis while using a urinal (classy) and that he penned a few words about fancying Kidman to read to her (not weird at all).