"It's very opposed to my maternal instincts. I'm very worried about the hits to the head."

Appearing at Toronto International Film Festival to promote 'The Killing Of A Sacred Deer'

When asked by The Hollywood Reporter what "the most quintessentially Irish thing" about them was, Farrell answered first with the very on-the-nose and quintessentially Irish answer of "melancholy" before offering up Keoghan's "fight" and upcoming boxing bout at the end of this month as examples of the 'Dunkirk' stars Irishness.

Keoghan, who reportedly boxes three times per week, doesn't have a supporter in on-screen mother Nicole Kidman though, who is "very opposed" to the brutality of the sport, proving she's every bit the mam by being "very worried about the hits to the head" as well as Keoghan's need to drop down to 60kg for the fight (which will apparently air on TG4, if he is to be believed).

Meanwhile, you can see Kidman, Keoghan and Farrell in 'The Killing Of A Sacred Deer' when it's released in Irish cinemas on November 17th.