Nick Offerman is a man's man. In fact, he's the man's man's man's man, and when he's not busy working wood in his shop or riding horses, he's busy singing. 

That's right, strumming his guitar (and a nice Gibson it is too) and knocking back a glass of whiskey, or perhaps even a scotch while belting out a tune. Not at the same time however, as it turns out that's pretty difficult. You also shouldn't drink when doing woodwork. We'd best just let Nick himself explain. 

The video is part of a series with Diageo, the makers of single malt whiskies like Lagavulin and Oban, and they have asked him to tell a series of stories about his love affair with the dark Scottish spirit, and there will be a few more videos coming down the tracks on the My tales of Whiskey YouTube page.