We probably agree tbh.

There have been feuds with fellow pop stars such as J Lo and Demi Lovato, plus the whole New Year’s Eve fiasco to name just a few of pop star Mariah Carey’s most diva moments.

But the one revealed by her ex-husband Nick Cannon might surprise you.

The American rapper and TV personality was asked by Wendy Williams when he was on her talk show last week: “What’s the most diva thing you’ve ever seen Mariah do?” to which he exclaims: “Have twins!”, referring to their children Moroccan and Monroe.

He explains: “She shut the whole hospital down! When they was born, she made me play her music as they was coming out. It was a ‘Fantasy.’ They was dancin to ‘Fantasy.’”

Yup, that does seem pretty diva. Mind you, I’m sure all the women reading this would love that much care and attention during that strenuous time.

The full interview, which also sees Cannon talk about his and Mariah’s relationship and children, can be seen below: