We hope you weren't about to start eating something just as you clicked into this story, because in the interest of fairness we feel we should warn you that it's gruesome. 

Now that that's out of the way for the people who couldn't guess from the headline what was going to be contained within this piece, we can talk about the injury suffered by Red Wings forward Drew Miller. 

In what can only really be described as a freak incident, he ended up getting a blade to the face as Mark Stone was upended in his side's 2-1 loss to Ottawa on Tuesday night. Here's some footage of the rather unpleasant event taking place. 

Thankfully, Miller was attended to straight away and managed to get stitched up. It seems that the blade miraculously missed his eye. 

Miller has apparently had a good recovery and, as stated in the tweet above, things could have been much worse so thankfully he's OK. Of course, hockey being hockey, his manager expects that he'll be back in the line up for Thursday's game against the Bruins. We want it noted at this point that if we ever suffer a similar injury, we're taking 6 years off. 

Via Uproxx