Devin Hester has long been one of the NFL's most difficult to explain players. 

He is lightening quick, by which we mean that he can do the 40-yard dash in 4.2 seconds (although he claims he's slowed to snail-like 4.3 now) and while he has never been the type of high-scoring wide-receiver that his pace suggests he could be, he regularly returns punts and kick offs for touchdowns. 

Last night he continued that streak as the Atlanta Falcons hammered the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by a score of 56-14 (at one point it was 56-0), which gave him the all-time record for returning TDs in the NFL, displacing one of the game's greatest, Deion Sanders from the spot. 

The run was hugely impressive too. 

The taunt at the end is a tribute to Deion, who would often high-step his way in to the endzone when he knew he had beaten the opposition. That was the record-breaker, and Hester was in tears on the sideline afterwards, showing how important it was to him. 

That wasn't his only score of the night though, as he also notched another touchdown, and hugged a security guard in celebration of the fact that he was having a pretty good game.

Apparently, he's the first player in the hjistroy of the NFL to have scored, forced a fumble and returned a touchdown all in one game. A good night's work, it would seem.

The man whose record he broke wasn't too upset though, as he was on hand doing some punditry and able to have a chat with the man himself.

Via Deadspin and Bleacher Report