Sir Mix-a-Lot's classic hit is getting remixed all over the shop, and NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams' version is possibly the best.

Brian Williams is a celebrated news anchor in the States on NBC who has a real sense of decorum and gravitas, so to see the tech wizards at Jimmy Fallon cobble together this rather excellent rendition of him spitting rhymes to the tune of classic rap hit 'Baby Got Back' is a sight to behold.

This isn't Brian's rap debut of course, given that he's previously given us versions of 'Gin and Juice' and 'Rapper's Delight', which are equally fantastic. Of course we saw 'Baby Got Back' performed with a Symphony Orchestra recently too, and while that version is great, this is better.  

If there's anyone out there with enough time and enough access to the RTE archives, we'd like to see a version featuring our own Bryan Dobson.