Going out with a celebrity when you're not one must be a bit of an intense and strange scenario. As much as celebrities are just normal beings who look crap first thing in the morning and get sick and fart and all that, they still live in a world where everything is just a bit surreal. And no one lives in or has been through a more bizarre time of it then one Britney Spears, so we're guessing dating her must be pretty strange.

Well Jimmy Fallon thought the same thing, and instead of going off and stringing together some jokes at Brits expense he thought there'd be no better person to ask than the woman herself.

And seeing as it's the 21st century and dating has changed just a little, Fallon went and put Britney on Tinder without her knowing. Her reaction face is everything you need this morning.

And if you're wondering if Britney is still relevant, just witness the audience reaction. There is also one guy in the audience who full on loses his sh*t at the Britney reveal. We only wish there had been a camera on him at the time.

Via YouTube