With the help of Aubrey Plaza, Newcastle Brown Ale have decided to make one of the most jam packed Super Bowl ads ever, at least when it comes to brand names.

The plan, as Aubrey explains in the first video below, is to get as many brands as possible together to make one Super Bowl ad that blows all of the marketing budgets of all of the companies for those sweet 30 seconds of air time and exposure that being on during the biggest event on the American sporting calendar gives you. Here's Aubrey to explain the rest:

The resulting ad features a really, really huge number of brands (37 in total), all competing to try and get a mention of their product in as the clock ticks down on that sweet, sweet time slot that they managed to get using the money they made. As a result of crowdsourcing the cost of the ad, they have dubbed this the "most fiscally responsible big game ad ever", seeing as they can't say Super Bowl.

Newcastle have form in this department, when it comes to smartly advertising their brand around the Super B big game, as last year's ad featuring Anna Kendrick is still pretty great. We love Anna Kendrick.