Tempers flared this weekend at the NASCAR race at the Texas Motor Speedway as Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski had a full on scrap. 

Both men were left with cuts on their faces and seemed pretty unhappy with the other after a collision on the course meant that Gordon got a flat tyre that saw him take a pitstop, and eventually lead to him finishing way back in 29th. Keselowski had attmepted to pass both him and another driver (Jimmie Johnson) in one fell swoop, and it didn't work at all.

The two cars came together, and after the race the two were exchanging words when yet another driver (Kevin Harvick) gave Keselowski a little shove, and it all kicked off from there.

Being interviewed for ESPN live afterwards, and still bleeding from the fight, Gordon wasn't in any mood to mince words, calling Keselowski "a dipshit" on air.

Via SB Nation