A family from Olivette, Missouri was reunited last week, 49 years after they were separated in tragic circumstances.

Melanie Diane Gilmore, daughter to Zella Jackson Price, had never met her mother until last week. Born at Homer G. Phillips Hospital in St. Louis, Zella was told that her infant daughter had died, but she was in fact adopted by another family.

Melanie, who lost her hearing at the age of three as the result of an illness, eventually learned that she had been adopted, and wanted to start looking for her family. Her children were the ones that began the search to try and bring her back together with her biological mother, and footage of the powerful reunion was captured by local news crews. 

Speaking to Fox, Zella said "there is nothing greater than this", before adding that God had given her back everything that had been taken from her: "I’m getting it back. I’m getting my baby back".  

There were tears of joy and much excitement on the day, but the family plan to launch an investigation into what happened at the hospital and why Melanie was given up for adoption. 

Via Fox News