It's like watching a puppy nod off, except it's the mighty voice of God and penguin protector.

Morgan Freeman was doing a joint interview with Michael Caine for their new film Now You See Me when he just couldn't take it anymore and succumbed to slumber. Whether it was jetlag, partying or genuine boredom, it's hard not to sympathise with the movie legend. We've all been in one of those lectures/meetings/conferences where you are screaming at yourself internally to stay awake but no matter what, your head starts falling and your eyes start drooping and next thing you know you're jerking awake with drool down one of your shoulders.

Luckily for Freeman, Caine was able to babble on about something long enough for him to try and act like he wasn't actually asleep. It's probably the worst acting of his career, but at least he didn't start snoring and he wakes up just long enough to answer a question about narrating.