Yes, you read that right. Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney slapped on some boxing gloves and stepped into the ring with former undisputed champion of the world, Evander Holyfield. 

Don't worry though, this wasn't the two men deciding to settle their political differences with brute force and pugilistic rage, the two were in the ring to raise money for charity, and after months of organsation, the much anticipated "fight of the weekend" finally took place last night. He had an interesting choice of gear to wear to the ring, which we think Conor McGregor would have been a fan of. 

Used to taking more metaphorical beatings, Romney decided to get some work in early to see if he could soften Holyfield up with some body blows, but something tells us Evander wasn't trying his hardest.

He did manage to knock the champ down, however, which looks to us like it might have been a bit of a dive.

That only served to get Holyfield out of his shell, at which point Mitt decided to run for the hills and literally throw in the towel.

The two are still friends after the bout, so no hard feelings.

Via SB Nation