Her name is Miley Cyrus and she will do anything for attention. Dope? Yes. In as many meanings of the word as possible.

Miley was one of several winners at the MTV Europe Music Awards, and never one to miss an opportunity, Miley took advantage of host city Amsterdam's lax policy on weed and sparked up on stage to celebrate winning Best Video for Wrecking Ball. And as always we were treated to a lot more of Miley's crotch area than required thanks to her choice of an extremely 'fitted' leotard under a fur jacket.

Again, here's Miley not giving a shit.

Other moments of note? Bruno Mars had a stripper perform live on the stage behind him during his performance of 'Gorilla'. Nice to see the American's celebrating the local culture while they visit, no?

Eminem won the 'Global Icon' award, and had an awkward exchange with Ron Burgundy but we were more distracted by how interchangeable Eminem is with Jessie J these days. Seriously, is this a Clark Kent/Superman thing that we've all just been ignoring? Have you ever seen the two of them in the same room? Think about it.

Katy Perry tried reallllllllllly hard to be something other than bland, and attempted to be a cross between Pink, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga with some high-flying trapeze work where she tried to market herself as some glittering disco-fairy. To be fair, it was very Eurovision, so props for getting the tone right, but just stop trying so hard Katy. We all know you'd just rather be at home cuddling into John Mayer. 

And guess what? There were a whole three actual European winners at the EMAs, which has to be some sort record, with One D taking Best UK & Ireland Act and Harry Styles winning Best Look. Because that's a thing that needs to commented on and given awards for now.


The MTV EMAs full list of winners is as follows:

Best UK & Ireland Act: One Direction

Global Icon Award: Eminem

Best Look: Harry Styles

Biggest Fans: Tokio Hotel

Best Song: 'Locked Out Of Heaven' - Bruno Mars

Best Hip-Hop: Eminem

Best Alternative: 30 Seconds To Mars

Best Female: Katy Perry

Best New: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Best Rock: Green Day

Best Electronic: Avicii