Miley Cyrus made headlines the other day when she brazenly retracted her apology for her allegedly 'shameful' Vanity Fair photoshoot ten years ago.

The former Hannah Montana star, then 15, was pictured in the magazine with her back bared, which led tabloid newspaper The New York Post to publish it with the headline 'Miley's Shame'.

Ten years later, it's safe to say that the pop star is a different and more forthright person, as she took to Twitter to proclaim 'I'M NOT SORRY, F*ck YOU #10yearsago'.

Last night, she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to explain her reasoning behind the tweet and how the image was nothing to be ashamed of. Kimmel asked her if she apologised at the time, and she replied: "I think I did, but probably because someone told me told. But y'know what? That's why I don't do what people tell me to anymore!"

Gotta love her.

Watch it below: