Mike Tyson was the final boss in Mike Tyson's hit game of yesteryear, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, so if there was one person that could beat him, surely it would be...Mike Tyson?

Last night Mike Tyson joined Jimmy Fallon for a bit of a chat about all sorts, from his new TV show to some of the great products that he has endorsed through the years, including the aforementioned Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! If you owned the game, or ever played it, then you will remember that it was very difficult, and the final boss was none other than Mike himself.

As Jimmy Fallon points out, he spent much of his childhood getting beaten by the game, but if there was one man alive who would be able to take down Iron Mike, then surely it's Tyson himself? Despite some initial hesitation, Mike gets involved and takes accepts the bout. There's a Rocky-style movie plot in this somewhere.

Although Tyson lost, he did actually win, given that he was fighting himself. Wait, now we're confused...

Via The Verge