It's not every day that you get a free drink out of a delayed Ryanair flight, and it's certainly not every day that Ryanair head-honcho Michael O'Leary personally apologies for said fact either.

O'Leary was on hand to personally apologise to passengers after delaying a flight so he could pick up his Grand National trophy for the Stayers Hurdle, won by his horse Identity Thief, whilst his other horse, Tiger Roll, won the steeplechase in a photo finish.

Considering a drink usually costs about a fiver on a Ryanair flight and the capacity of a 737 is 180, we calculate O'Leary spent about a grand on the gesture. Don't worry, he won £500,000 from being the winning owner on his horses and his shares in Ryanair are worth over half a billion.

A drink is the least he could do.