Nigel Farage is known for pretty much being a complete and utter pillock at the best of times, and his blatantly anti-immigrant / anti-refugee rhetoric usually has his fellow MEPs rolling their eyes as he spouts off in the middle of session.

During today's session, Farage was - surprise, surprise - expounding on the benefits of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, supporting the Muslim Ban currently in effect in the US and said that Donald Trump should be invited to address the parliament in an official capacity.

Labour MEP Seb Dance, meanwhile, decided to make his own stand during Farage's speech and held up a sign that read "HE'S LYING TO YOU" with an arrow pointing to Farage.

It got so bad, apparently, that another UKIP MEP filed a complaint against Dance's stunt, saying that the matter "was not treated with sufficient seriousness by the acting chair."

The guy was holding up a sign. How serious can you actually take it?


Via YouTube / RT