There's not a lot to be said by way of a prelude for this video - apart from it helps if you mirage a Bo Selecta head into the equation. Prepare yourselves for shameless X Factor plugs, leery comments about Sarah Jane Crawford lips, arbitrary statements about them over there, and just Mel B being the consummate professional that she is.

To be fair, it happens to the best of them... Remember Ricky Gervais at Live 8? Here he is, descending into the dark side of David Brent when asked to fill over two minutes (and if you thought the sound was rubbish in the Mel B video, wait til you see the ropey pixillation on this lot). If Mel B had been asked to fill two minutes, she probably would've resorted to being every Spice Girl during the rappy bit of Wannabe (singing isn't required for that part, you see).