There were so many highlights to the interview, it's hard to keep track of them all - but we'll try...

Of Aldo being declared match fit yet withdrawing from the Vegas fight, he says: " I would not want to face me either... I was going to destroy him... Doctors cleared him. He went to see a gynecologist and as it turns out it was just a little period..."

Of getting into the ring with boxer Floyd Mayweather (they're currently the same weight class): "Who would not like to dance around the ring for 180million dollars... I wold most certainly dismantle him also."

Of the adage "no sex before fight night", he laughs: "I definitely have as much sex as possible"

He also mentions what inspired his chest tattoo (it'a a gorilla, eating a heart, while wearing a crown), and is surprisingly nice after hearing Chad Medes deliver the WORST example of trash talk we've ever witnessed. 

Just hit play below and the playlist will take you through all of Conan's McGregor action.