McDonalds are on a long and winding road to winning you back as a customer, and you can consider this the moment that they stood outside your house with a ghetto blaster, à la Say Anything, and explained the process of how they make their chips to you. 

McDonalds have noticed that they're losing customers, mainly because they've started to make less money, and they want to get the confidence of the consumer back by changing things up a little, including their menu.

They also wanted to change the way many people perceive their products and reassure us that they do use real food to make them, and so they've started to produce videos showcasing the entire process, tracing the food from the from farm right to...that plastic tray thing that you get when you order. The series is called 'Our food. Your questions' and the latest installment focuses on their beloved freedom/french fries.

Thanks to the impartial and scientific reporting of that guy from Mythbusters who's being paid to do this, we can now all rest assured that the McDonalds chips are inf act based on potato. 

Via Design Taxi