With Sunday's All Ireland Final drawing ever closer, the excitement is about to reach its peak as Mayo once again attempt to end their 64 year drought.

There'll be plenty of discussion about Mayo and Dublin's strengths and weaknesses ahead of Sunday's decider but one conversation that is certain to be had across the country is the 'Curse of 51' which has plagued Mayo for over six decades. 

For those not familiar with story, legend has it that the last Mayo team to win the Sam Maguire back in 1951 failed to pay the proper respect to a funeral in Foxford on their victorious trip home. Enraged by this, a local priest is said to have placed a 'curse' on the team and the county so that Mayo would never win another All Ireland title while any member of that 1951 team lived. 

Ridiculous right? Well sixty four years later and Mayo have yet to win another All Ireland, despite being in the final seven times since then (eight if you count the replay against Meath). So maybe it's not as ridiculous as it sounds. 

In any case, with just two members of the 1951 team surviving, a desperate Mayo fan decided to round them up and do what 'should have been done a long time ago'

Via Rory's Stories