The reason is actually adorable and definitely relatable.

Matthew McConaughey may have missed out on a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his latest flick Gold, but he was still in flying form when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show last night.

As well as talking about his new movie, Kimmel asked the actor if he ever gets called Matt, and he answered: "It's always been Matthew, and for good reason. Mum got mad when I got called Matt."

He then proceeded to tell a story about being told off by his mother, and you can see why he didn’t forget the incident.

We on this side of the Atlantic can definitely relate to mammies being strict and not liking nicknames.

Additionally, the end of his story, when it is revealed that his brother goes by the name of Rooster, is also very relatable. They always make exceptions for the younger siblings…

Check out the brief and brilliant anecdote here: