Matt Le Blanc has come under fire after making a 'joke' about Emilia Clarke's nude scenes in Game of Thrones

The pair were great pals when they appeared on the Graham Norton Show earlier this year with Clarke admitting that she had the biggest crush on Matt during Friends' run on TV. However she might be slightly less enamoured with the Top Gear presenter after this 'joke' Le Blanc made about her on the Emmys red carpet.

The pair were speaking to each other via a live E! News TV feed at different sections of the red carpet. The E! News presenter that was alongside Matt asked if he had seen the show to which he answered he'd seen season 1 but fell out of touch with it before commenting on Clarke's nude scenes. 

For her part, Clarke responded with class saying that she wasn't sure that Le Blanc had ever watched the show (as she had several nude scenes throughout the first season) and followed it up with a joke about Joey never getting naked in Friends.

Le Blanc's joke didn't go down well on Twitter. With some labelling him a 'creep'.