Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has shared a video on his homepage of the moment he found out that he'd been accepted to Harvard. 

The video, filmed by Zuckerberg's father about fifteen years ago, shows a teenage Mark checking his emails and opening the all important one from one of the world's most prestigious Universities. 


Mark seems a little underwhelmed by it all at first. 

"Yay. I got accepted." he says. 

However by the end of the video the excitement of his father seems to have grown on him. Also, how awesome was his Westie that's sitting on the floor?

Zuckerberg of course never completed his degree, dropping out after two years in order to concentrate on setting up Facebook. However he'll be returning to Massachusetts next week to collect an honourary degree and give the commencement speech for the class of 2017.

The billionaire also wrote on his profile that  “Before I went to college, my mom bet me I'd drop out and my younger sister bet me she'd finish college before me. I bet them I'd get a degree. Now I suppose the cycle is complete.”

 Via BBC News