Facebook is one of the biggest social media networks in the world, and every day people switch on their phones or computers to jump on and share something about themselves and their lives.

A lot of the time, the quick thumbs up and a 'Like' is a sufficient response, but sometimes what's really needed is a quick dislike, and as it turns out the folks at Facebook are well aware that people want to see something along those lines brought in.

None more so than Mark Zuckerberg, who was speaking yesterday in California about the possibility of bringing in a 'dislike' button for those times when a friend shares some not so great news. Their main concern at the company, however, is that it not be open to abuse and misuse by some people, so it's about finding a balance.

 Click on the image below to play the video.

As he rightly points out, hitting 'Like' doesn't work for every issue, but we all know at least a few people in our friends list who would definitely just be trolling and hitting dislike on everything, no matter what it is. We're looking at you Steve, you jerk.

Via GMA Network