The Academy award winning actress appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote Allied, which is out in Irish cinemas next week.

Allied is a World War II drama thriller directed by Robert Zemeckis in which an intelligence officer meets, falls in love with and marries a French Resistance fighter. Their relationship takes a turn for the worst when suspicion and paranoia arise.

After some banter about the difference between French and American traditions, as well as talk about the presidential election (the results of which, in case you’re unaware, Colbert was just a tad upset with), they chat about the movie.

Then ‘to sell tickets’, Colbert asks her about what filming sex scenes is like. You can see her describe how awkward it is from 6.35. However, what’s possibly even more awkward is what follows when he says ‘speaking of having sex’ and then asks her about being pregnant…

Here’s the full interview: