Insofar as it was absolutely awful and we wanted it to end so badly - just like 2016.

It's always worth pointing out that live performances, by and large, are difficult at the best of times and it can take a lot of professionalism for artists to try and roll with it. Then, of course, there's Mariah Carey who genuinely doesn't give a s*** what you or anyone else thinks of her because, let's face it, she's Mariah Carey and you're not.

The problems seemed to stem from a number of areas, including the fact that she forgot the words to her own songs, her dancers getting all up in her grill and that she really looked like she wanted to be literally anywhere else but there. At least it's good to know that New Year's Eve can be an anti-climax when you're a famous person like Mariah Carey as well.

Watch and please don't hurt yourself cringing. It's 2017 and you don't want to start it off with an injury.