Mariah Carey, Queen of Shade, does not have time for petty questions about shows that she's not on.

The grand high diva of music had a notorious season on 'American Idol' in 2013 thanks to the completely-on-display level of loathing that she and fellow judge Nicki Minaj had for each other so you would think that news of the show's revival would be of interest to her. And you would think wrong.

The Insider's Debbie Matenopoulos caught up Carey to chat about lots of things ( the end of her Las Vegas residency, joining Lionel Richie on tour, her twins) but obviously the most pressing question was what she thought about the 'American Idol' comeback and her response was as Mariah Carey as ever.

At least she had a semi-nice thing to say about Katy Perry?