This is MUCH worse than expected. The people I feel most sorry for are her backing vocalists who don't know whether to sing in key or not, therefore delivering a very confused whimper...

Bad, right? Well, apparently it wasn't all Mariah's fault; in the footage obtained by TMZ the 44-year-old singer appears to be having issues with her microphone... Yep, it was a microphone that made her sound like that.

One Twitter user, who goes by handle Peaches & Herb, tweeted after seeing the video:

"Y'all. Mariah Carey really can't sing anymore. That was hard to listen to. I see why Mariah Carey never sings live anymore. That's why... Mariah Carey should've bowed out right when her voice was giving out. Save herself the embarrassment. I knew it was something wrong with MC though. No artist lip syncs at EVERY show. (sic)."

However, a representative for the star claims they've only received good reviews from people who attended the opening show. The spokesperson told the Daily Mirror: "The comments we have heard from the fans have been great!"

Mariah's blip on stage comes just weeks after she split from her husband Nick Cannon, whom she married in 2008. Good times.