You really need to be careful whose time you waste because it really can come back to haunt you in a major way.

The DMV Office in Lebanon, Virgina in the US learned this the hard way when a local man named Nick Stafford decided to pay the sales tax on his two new cars in pennies after he felt that the DMV wasted his time. 

The way Stafford tells it, he wanted the number for the Lebanon DMV but it wasn't listed. So he filled out a freedom of information request in order to get it. He was then initially told by staff that the number he was calling was not for public use. However after repeated phone calls they gave in and answered his questions. 

This is when things get really crazy. Stafford then decided he wanted the phone numbers for ten other DMV offices in Virginia. When the staff at the Lebanon DMV Office refused to provide him with them, Stafford then decided to take them to court. The judge dismissed the case last week when a representative of Virgina State provided Stafford with a list of phone numbers. After his "ordeal", Stafford decided he wanted to get his own back on the Lebanon DMV Office. 

“If they were going to inconvenience me then I was going to inconvenience them,” he said. And inconvenience them he did. He paid the sales tax in the form of 300,000 pennies. The pennies weighed roughly 1,600 pounds and according to the report from the Bristol Herald Courier, the DMV employees had to count the pennies by hand.

Stafford hired eleven people to help with his task, paying them $10 an hour and buying five wheelbarrows worth $400. It's estimated that it cost him $1,000 between the cost of labour and tools needed to get the job done. That's on top of the $3,000 he paid in pennies for the car sales tax. 

We hope it was worth it.