This "Big Data specialist" spent his entire day grappling with technology all in the hopes of making the most simple chore WiFi-enabled so he could have the ultimate in convenience.

We actually have nothing but sympathy for Matt Rittman to be honest. We can't even go two round with a deviant printer so we don't know how he lasted 11 hours.

A data specialist from Hove, England, Rittman first attempted to make a cup of tea with his WiFi-enabled kettle after early yesterday morning but soon found himself in a technological nightmare.

Three hours later, still no tea.

And then when he thought he was finally in business, he ran into this old chestnut.

WiFi is simultaneously the greatest gift and biggest frustration in the modern world.

Rittman wasn't finished there though, and it turns out his biggest problem was that he had to hack together his own software to get the kettle talking to the rest of his voice-controlled tech in his house.

At around 7pm, he finally had a breakthrough before eventually getting the kettle to boil.

No one has ever deserved a cup of tea more than this guy. Although...

Valid point. There's a reason we like to boil the kettle ourselves after all.

Via The Guardian