We've never dined-and-dashed, but it's something we often considered - especially if the food is particularly crap.

This, however, is on a totally different level of dine-and-dashing. A man in Sunderland, England has pleaded guiltiy to fraud by false representation after he released a rat in a restaurant to get out paying a bill.

Christopher Baker kept the rat as a pet and brought it with him to the Borneo Bistro for a meal.

Baker then released the rat under his table, only to bring it to the restaurant's attention that there was a rat. He then demanded a refund of his meal and left.

The restaurant quickly captured the rat and deduced that it was a pet, before contacting Animal Services who released it into the wild.

The rat's owner was ordered to pay £60 and attend community service for twelve months.

Not only that, he had to pay for his meal - £7.25.

Here's the CCTV footage of the incident.


Via Guardian.co.uk