Caution: this features some serious cringeworthy moments that you will probably carry with you for the rest of your life.

Betraying the golden rule of proposals (i.e. you should know the answer before you ask), YouTube user Joseph Ann decided that the perfect place to propose to his girlfriend of two years was in a car with some McDonald's and the engagement ring stuffed into the bun of a McChicken Sandwich, resulting in probably the most painful proposal video of all time.

According to Joseph, his girlfriend "joked for months about how 10 years down the road I would probably propose to her in a chicken nugget box so I thought she would love when I surprised her this way. She didn't love it like the way I thought she would."

No Joseph, she did not. Nor would anyone.

We don't know what's more appalling, the fact that he thought this would go down well or the fact that none of the people he roped into the proposal (including his girlfriend's father and the McDonald's staff) stopped him from doing it.

Apparently the couple talked it out after and "agreed to wait longer until it's time to get engaged."

Via Time