Before you click the video, we'd like to strongly warn anyone who's planning a parachute jump in the near future to NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO. SERIOUSLY.

The parachute jumper, Christopher, makes a routine jump - yes, we're aware that's an oxymoron - from his plane and during the descent.

However, during his descent, he suffers a seizure. We're not sure if it's epilepsy, but in any case, he begins to free-fall.

Take a look.

Think it's fair to say the guy who managed to pull the ripcord is a goddamn hero. That little alarm you heard going off? That's an altitude alarm, meaning if he didn't pull his own ripcord, he would have been in serious trouble too.

The jumper who had the seizure said that he was unconscious for about 15 seconds before he awoke at 3,000 feet. Meaning that he was simply falling flat for roughly 1,000 feet.

Jesus. Christ.

Right, we need to go look at some trees and calm ourselves after this. 


Via YouTube