The lesson here? Never trust your cat. Or it could be never leave your home. But the first one is probably more beneficial for having a life.

One Connecticut man learned this the hard way after he was forced to call the police because his agro cat wouldn't let him back into his home.

Mohammed Lokman was forced to dial 911 after his almost 8-pound cat started attacking him and he and his wife were forced to wait outside their home for four hours.

According to CBS News:

Lokman said the cat had a kitten the night before and said she was acting fine until late morning. He said it wasn’t until he came in from outside and changed his clothes that the cat tried to attack him. He then locked the cat in another room, but it attacked again.

"We cannot move. We cannot do anything. It’s so aggressive and so mean," said Lokman.

At least now we know where the expression 'have kittens' comes from.

Via YouTube/CBS