It didn't take long, but the video of the girl walking the streets of New York City and being catcalled constantly has already been parodied. 

The folks at Funny or Die were on the case pretty quick with this one, as they filmed a man walking down the streets of New York for ten hours in silence, wearing just jeans and a crewneck t-shirt, and they got a very different result to the clip of a woman doing the same thing

He too is harassed, it should be said, but in a very different way. 

While the intention of this video is to be funny, it does once again underline just how different it is for a man to walk down the street, uninterrupted, as opposed to a woman, who has to put up with a lot of unsolicited attention. Fair enough not everyone gets carried around like a king or given a Starbucks gift card, but if you can make the walk from point A to point B without being shouted at, then maybe it's worth considering that not everyone is so lucky.

Via Funny or Die and Mashable