Prepare to get sweaty palms just by watching.

Ethan Williams lived a lot of people's worst nightmare last month when his flight out of Hong Kong bound for Los Angeles was forced to make an emergency landing in Alaska.

The Cathay Pacific flight 884 was flying as normal when smoke from a malfunctioning cooling fan caused the captain to divert the flight to a remote military airport near the Aleutian Islands, but Williams' experience inside the cabin shows how passengers were told to prepare for a water landing and the terror that comes with it. Of course all the staff acted accordingly and it all ended without injury or harm to anyone but the footage shows just how frightening the experience can be.

"We were getting told you had to take your shoes off and leave everything behind and what we needed to do and where our nearest exits were going to be and making sure we had our jackets on properly," Williams told CNN.

Once they had the all clear for a landing at the military base, the plane landed as normal. Passengers remained on board the plane and watched movies until a relief plane was provided and they arrived in LAX the following day.