[Insert Nicki Minaj joke here]

Because television has run out of ideas and we live in the age of hyperbole, the Discovery Channel decided to commission a show in which one man, daredevil and mad man Paul Rosolie, got rigged up in an Iron Man suit of his very own and then proceeded to get eaten by the largest snake on the planet.

Obviously Rosolie didn't die because we haven't gone that far into the depths of horror for ratings just yet, but things did get pretty hairy as the anaconda decided to wrap itself around him and swallow him whole.

The makers of the show insist that the snake was unharmed, but we can't imagine that having a fully grown many physically removed from inside you is a pleasant experience.

If getting up close and personal with an anaconda's interior isn't your bag, we advise you give this one a miss. It ain't pretty.

Via YouTube