This is what happens when the phrase 'Kill it with fire!' is heard too often and taken to heart. There's nothing wrong with an upside-down glass and some paper people.

A Seattle man burnt down his house on Tuesday after trying to kill a spider that he found in the laundry room with a homemade blowtorch. Firefighters say that the man was using a can of spray paint and a lighter to chase the spider and, because sending balls of flame into a room full of fabric is a terrible idea, the room quickly caught fire before spreading to the attic. Nobody was hurt in the incident, as the flame-boy called 911 and emergency services put an end to the fire but not before it caused $40,000 worth of damage to the building and $20,000 worth of damage to the contents of the home.  

It's barely two weeks since another American set fire to their home trying to kill a spider, so maybe it's time for a safety campaign America. 'Fire bad, tree pretty', that sort of thing.