It looks delicious, but it's still a monstrosity. We feel for the poor McDonald's worker who had to make this.

Youtube user Moshe Tamssot used one of McDonald's USA's new 'Create Your Taste' digital ordering kiosks to build a monster of a burger that he called 'The Big Max'. According to Geekologie, the kiosk limits your burger to only two quarter pounder burger patties, but when it comes to toppings, all bets are off as you can order up to 10 of everything. Which is exactly what he did.

After nearly dying of a heart attack when he saw the initial price of $890.80, Tamssot ended up paying just short of $25 for his sumo burger. He probably had a real heart attack after eating it though.

Also, ordering a large Diet Coke to go with it? That's some pro-trolling right there.

Via Geekologie/YouTube