Yeah so Tom Green, remember him? The dude from Road Trip and the infamous Freddy Got FingeredOne poor guy from North Carolina got reminded of him in the most painful way possible earlier this week. 

James Meyers says he was pulled over by the cops on Tuesday morning because of a broken taillight. But he later learned there was a warrant out for his arrest because he never returned a copy of Freddy Got Fingered that he rented back in 2001. Seriously. 

Meyers was driving his daughter to school at the time and was allowed to drop her off before the officer put him in handcuffs and brought him down to the station. Despite the fact that the rental store he got the VHS from is now out of business, Meyers is facing a court date on April 27th. Not returning rental property is a Class 3 misdemeanor in North Carolina and punishable by a fine of up to $200.

The ridiculous story has already reached Tom Green who has said he'll cover the fine himself if needs be. 

Green is on tour in Australia at the moment but told the New York Daily News that he was happy to support fans of his film. He promised to put in a good word with the court or even pay the fine himself as long at the sum wasn't outrageous. 

“If it’s 200 bucks of course I’ll pay it for him, just for the principle of the thing,”  Green said. 

What a stand up guy. We really hope the Leonardo Di Caprio feels the same way when those copies of Titanic in our attic come back to haunt us. 

Via New York Daily News