Reporter and sports anchor Mike Zambelli just attained the status of internet legend (which means the letters FTW must now be put after his name) with this piece of brilliance. 

One of the hazards of reporting from live events is that people may try to get themselves on camera, and if you happen to be at an event known as Musikfest in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where Keith Urban was playing, then the chances of that person being a little bit inebriated are probably a bit higher. In fairness, while that sounds like we're generalising, local show The Morning Call described the crowd as “beer-swilling”, which is a great adjective.

That seems to be the case for this one festival-goer on Saturday evening as he tried to interrupt a live newscast featuring local sports anchor Mike Zambelli, and endeavoured to shout some very rude things down the mic. What he got was something else entirely, as Zambelli turned round with the speed of an athlete himself, and clocked him one. 

Mike Zambelli will not be interrupted. Nor does he have any regrets, as he told The Morning Call the next day, "he startled me, so I reacted. He ran off … It's not a big deal". There are unlikely to be any legal repercussions either, as Bethlehem police Chief Mark Diluzio called the incident "hilarious". We'd have to agree there Mark.