If they're ever looking to clone someone to make super soldiers that can handle any situation, they need to base the female one on Perrie Edwards because that girl can apparently deal with anything that is thrown at her.

Perrie and the rest of Little Mix were performing an acoustic version of 'How Ya Doin'?' outdoors for a radio station in Phoenix, Arizona when a giant flying something took a fancy to the group causing panic at large.

While the rest of the group proceeded to freak out, Perrie stood her ground and continued to sing the song as best she could until the insect took up residence in Jade's hair which remained there despite her best hair flip efforts. Thankfully a cameraman was on hand to save the day by plucking the offender out of her hair and allowing the number to continue. It's a lot to take in in 30 seconds but it's very enjoyable. And the lesson here is that you should just never go outside. Or maybe just to Arizona.