Proof if ever that what you need post break-up is your mates.

Little Mix are all over the media in the US at the moment as they promote their new album, and while it couldn't have come at a worse time for Perrie Edwards, it has given us some absolute gems of shade and moments of girl power.

Exhibit A: this snippet of a live performance of new single 'Black Magic' that they did for a US radio station this week, in which Jesy perfectly times some choreography to the lyrics of the song for one mighty shot at Zayn.

Earlier this week One Direction fans were incensed after Jade Thirlwall was seen carrying a sign that a fan had given her that read 'Zayn is IRRELEVANT anyway!'.

The sign allegedly had the words 'Stay strong Perrie' on the other side but we like to think that Jade took it in full knowledge that she'd be seen carrying it. More of this please.