Anything that features Oprah Winfrey telling Lindsay Lohan to "cut the bullsh*t" has to be good... right? For anyone who has ever followed Lohan in this Gossip section, you probably thought this would be a highly-scripted reality series, like The Hills, or just a complete car crash in general. Well, you're in for quite the surprise.

OK, so there's Linsday breaking down, Lindsay sans make-up, Lindsay trying to reason with Michael Lohan, and Lindsay being - well - Lindsay (she locks herself out of her apartment and throws various people's lives into chaos as a result). However, it also hangs out with people she's (meant to be) working with, as well as paps and hangers on. In short - and we never thought we'd say this in a sentence regarding Lindsay Lohan of late - it is multifaceted. I know, who knew?

Hats off to Amy Rice.