Oh Lindsay Lohan, you do keep us young.

Like a bat of hell Lindsay Lohan has returned to brighten the darkest of days of 2016 with her bonkers ways, the latest of which is her new quasi-European accent that she appears to have developed.

Showcased in this video that's gone viral on Twitter, Lohan was seen on the red carpet with some friends in Greece and to say her accent is questionable is a massive understatement.

Lohan, if you recall, has been hanging out on the continent a lot, jumping between London (where she's left behind ex-fiancé Egor Tarabasov), Athens (where she's opened a nightclub) and Istanbul (where she's been working with Syrian refugees) so it's understandable that her head way be a little confused as to where she is on any given day but speaking like a non-native english speaker isn't just something that happens.

Understandably, the internet is agog.

And before you go feeling sorry for her, don't worry, she appears to be in on the joke too.