The interview is dreadfully cringey but it’s interesting to see that the Taken movie Liam Neeson likes the least is one you might not expect.

Neeson was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen yesterday and during the show the host brought out the leprechaun ‘Andy O’Cohen’ to pose a few questions to The Commuter actor.

Neeson answered Taken 2, which may be a surprise to some (yes, it wasn’t the best, but Taken 3, you have to admit, was really, truly awful) and after an awkward silence having been asked if any famous actress had ever turned him down for a date, he was lastly asked if size matters.



Neeson and actress Tarji P. Henson (Hidden Figures, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) were also asked to take on the acting challenge of Bravologues: